Monday, October 1, 2012

The Lecture

Setting on a lecture listening to FM radio on my mobile , the doctor is good but he uses poring methods law mono voice tune that let u think that even the end of the world won’t be much worse this man’s methods in torturing students, for other students this leads to deeply quite sleeping (I thought that we may record some lectures for this man and sell them to people who have troubles in sleeping I’m sure that all of their problems will vanish after 2 lectures :D) so as I said I’m not of the sleeping type but although there were something distributing my thoughts and it seemed to be impossible to concentrate then a question popped suddenly on my mind “why we work better under stress ?”(you can study a complete subject in 2 days before the exam no joke) but you’ll never knew, friends are chatting in different subjects so I don’t think I can listen to one single useful sentence of any one my mind is far far away from here and when I’ll be here again, no one