Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scary story

       It was a long working day so I finished and left the company .I took the car  started driving home when I felt hungry so I stopped by the first restaurant and ordered a pizza I ate in the car and I continued my way home when I reached home I parked the car and while leaving the car I heard a noise I went to see what happened I found the doorman was fainted so I tried to wake him up and when he wake up I asked him what happened he told me that someone came to ask him about an apartment then he was out of conscious so I ran to my apartment and when I opened the door I felt that something is wrong so I opened the rooms door that's when I saw it the room was crowd and everything was upside down I was worried I searched for him everywhere ooooooh no I couldn't find him now I remember I left him in the other room so I ran into the other rooms door and when I opened it the condition wasn't much better than the first room so I ran and searched for him everywhere but when I found him I fall in to the ground no it can't be his limb was teared and his organs was out of their places and it looked like they cut his limbs then stabbed him right in the core it was savage even wild animals couldn't do that it looks like I lost my conscious for a part of the minuet and when I'm conscious again I screamed oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo they smashed it into pieces but I won't stay here I'll do something I searched for my phone and called emergency but when they came it was just too late my laptop was completely damaged.