Sunday, September 30, 2012


it was a beautiful day, good weather, sunny sky& it was a special day for him, he's going to meet her today,  "Ghada" this is her name, a beautiful& cute girl in the 20's of age, at 02:00 he was ready, he took his car to that nice& quite cafe, once he arrived his eyes were searching for her, when he found her OMG she looked gorgeous in this black dress, she waved at him, they started talking in many things& suddenly he decided this is the moment, he stared at her eyes and said "Ghada i can't tell you how much i love you and that i can't live without you", "Ghada" was an extremely shay girl so her face turned red& she closed her eyes she said "OMG do you really mean this", quickly he replayed "yes, but do you love me as much as i love you?", she answered "yes of course",>> love angels were surrounding the place, quibid hv got them with his arrows<< the view was great, 4 months together like heaven on earth, till that day came, "Ghada" was confused she once she saw him she said "bos ya 3nya b3d ely 7sl 2mbar7 ana b2at 7aml fl shhr el 5 w lazm t3trf balwad", astonished he asked "what happened yesterday", she replyed "ast3bt b2a ely 7sl f m7l el koshary da kan ah isa ??", he was in the way of losing his mind asking "what the hell happened?? ", angrely she replyed "when you held my hands and told me all u want from life is having kids from me" and she started crying, he was astonished and just about losing his mind saying "so what, that kid ain't mine, i didn't do anything" that's when she flipped her face to the angry one and she stood with her hands on her waist saying ""n3m n3m ya 3omar l2 tb3n abnk w lw m3trftsh bl wad hgblk aboh y2t3k"& again she started crying, she flipped between situations like a great actress, a guy from the next table was lestining to the conversation told her "never mind ya moza ana momkn asl7lk el moshkla de bs t3aly anty m3aya el bat w hnozbot el ada2" she replayed "asly fsh5 ya m3lm".

Ur supposed to play this track during reading ::