Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scratch 1

I think I tried every single method to refresh myself and my mind, ignoring guess it’s effective, I tried ignoring all what’s not directed to me, but not that much that makes it worthy feeling selfish& stupid. Loosing features of my life dropping important details so I don’t recommend ignoring for anyone, shelling : I tried to create a shell around me & allowing just little few People to get through this shell & knowing the real me but I lost many opportunities for good friendships because of this  one, so I don’t recommend it too, you must mix the ingredients very well together to approach the perfect cook in life, a mix of features disadvantages & disadvantages, multi-character mood this is the best we can’t ignore this truth we are all schizophrenic we live with many characters depending on conditions, persons and moods, People agreed to name it schizophrenic if it exceeds some limits like acting differently in  the same conditions under the same circumstances, so you should be like water soft& calm, funny& joyful, strong& angry, you reshape your character under conditions& situations, and gain the flexibility, not that extra flexible that makes u lose your original shape but not tough that may get you to be broken too.