Monday, October 1, 2012

My Love

Love is a very pure and hopeful feeling. Real love ain’t the crap that some people think about, its 2 pure souls connected to each other feeling, understanding, supporting and sharing sadness and happiness, if one is hurt the other one will feel the pain, if you are depressed you’ll find your partner next to you to support and pack you. When they meet there is a lot of talking but the words just can’t express the eyes do all the talking. When they see each other the passion will be obvious in the eyes, in the words. In every breath they’ll feel that they want to stop the time and live together, they won’t lose time in criticizing, they love every single detail in each other with all mistakes and faults they love each other just like they are. They will be here when one of them is on the edge to hold and prevent the collapsing.