Monday, September 1, 2014

The worst trip ever (zombie ride)

The worst trip to Suez ever, after finishing 10 hours of work, taking my bags to Ramsis to take a ride to Suez, i found a car 2 remaining seats, that means i won't be waiting for a long time, the weather sucks as it seems like we were boiling in the car and finally the last person came, 10 min after we toke off i was putting my hands-free listening to music and reading something i thought that the day won't suck any more and that's when , the person sitting behind me started releasing all what he can release, seems like he came prepared, coughing, spitting and sneezing not only but he's got that "grave like breath", this man got my hopes low that i was only praying for him not to throw up or start farting all over the place till i leave the car, after reaching Suez it seems like it's been 2 months of torturing, thanks god i got out alive.